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We are an international gaming platform primarily located in the Philippines.
We are a duly licensed entity by the authorities of the Republic of the Philippines and with the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation ( PAGCOR).

We have been operating quality and the best cockfights in the Philippines since July of 2019 and features the best round the clock 24/7 cockfighting with an average of 300 events a day at our multiple arenas located in the different provinces of the Philippines.
Our mission is to deliver remarkable experiences in a world class environment.
Our success results in valuable investments and career opportunities, establishing the Philippines as a premier gaming destination.



From the founding Roots of the National Cockers Alliance Association, Newin Cockers Alliance Gaming Corporation (NCA Corp) was established in 2021. It is the goal of NCA Corporation to provide the same rules of Fair Play and Quality Fights which was started by the NCA Association and bringing the game closer to its enthusiasts.

It is our mission to uphold the NCAs golden standard in quality gaming. Our arena location’s are in PANGASINAN, CAVITE, CEBU, ILOILO, ZAMBOANGA CLARK, ARINGAY LA UNION, NEGROS and DAVAO.

We build up on NCAs Legacy to encourage Local Sabong Communities to help the game prosper and help the local government community in its social drive to give work to their local residents.


World Class Online Casino VINUS GAMING.


VINUS GAMING is a give tension for game companies that were released earlier.
It was launched to provide players with fresh and unique experiences.
VINUS GAMING, which has strong competitiveness in the global market and has sufficient originality and competitiveness, is It aims for the world's best quality in the industry.

The web solution that combines VINUS GAMING's exclusive tools with new technologies will completely change the future play culture in the future.
We have integrated technologies that can overcome the limitations of generations, and platforms.
In order to create an environment where you can experience a portfolio of various games and dominate the online casino market, we doing our best.

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Baccarat, a table game loved worldwide.
This is the content that is the basis of VINUS Gaming.

In order to create a batting environment for users around the world, chips are set by country and the best Baccarat game quality is guaranteed.
Enjoy the Baccarat game at the VIP-only casino on VINUS Gaming.
Match the match at the table with a high-quality dealer who has completed dealer training.



Dragon & Tiger, which has easy rules, is designed to make it easier for players to access table games.
Compare the high and low of a simple card to determine the outcome.

VINUS Dragon & Tiger is being held at a table installed in the VIP Room of a famous hotel. Enjoy high-quality table games at VINUS Gaming.
Match the match at the table with a high-quality dealer who has completed dealer training.


AVATAR MODE (Baccarat)

Avatar mode is another mode where you can play a baccarat game.
It is a VIP-only function, in which a player dedicated to Bakara sits at a table and helps proceed with the batting.

It is a mode where you can directly command the baccarat player to bet or make a bet as the player wishes.

Even if you have a busy schedule, you can watch other things while leaving the Bakara game running, or watch


TEEN PATTI Coming Soon

Teen Patti is a table hold game that started in India and is a game in which you compete with three cards.
Use Teen Patty's special winning formula to win the batting match against other players.

Dealers spare no effort to help all players proceed with the teen patty smoothly.
Up to eight people can host Teen Patty at the same time.


Hold'em (Texas) Coming Soon

The most popular table game, the Holdum game, met with VINUS Gaming.
Up to eight players each determine their victory or defeat through the cards they are given.
There is a dedicated table for real-time Texas Holdings, and players can bet unlimitedly by calculating their chances of winning.

In addition, we are preparing tournaments and league services for professional players, and all developers are doing their best to improve the quality of the Holdham game.



It is the strongest content item of Vinus Gaming and is expected the most during the preparation period.
It is collaborating with the most major-level companies in the Philippines and is developed to broadcast live games every day. Players can experience Sabong, the most intense game in the Philippines, with a fierce league.

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  • Sabong International PH

  • World Slasher Alliance

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Powerball, which is held in the Dongbok area, is a game in which a total of six balls are drawn to match the results.
Since the results are printed every 5 minutes, you can get the results quickly.

VINUS Power Ball has developed and prepared a variety of betting items that have not existed before.
Predict the results, bet on what you are confident in, and win.


SICBO Coming Soon

Sic Bo is one of the oldest, yet most beloved and coveted casino games.
It stands out with its simple rules, rolls of the dice, entertaining theme, and multiple betting options.
Furthermore, sic bo is a game of pure luck, which makes it even more attractive to players.

A premium on-the-go betting experience for the new-age online casino game player.

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Development Technology.

We were able to check out the numerous games in the casino. In the past, people who used offline casinos played games with dealers and needed to visit stores.
We, VINUSGAMING, think about it.
It aims to create the best quality with the goal of creating an environment where people around the world can enjoy healthy and easily accessible casino games and becoming a global No. 1.
In order to do so, each game needs to be online. It should be based on the technology to understand the game, create tools, and supply them to dealers. We made it possible and through the Web, all players can gather in one place to play the game.
In the past, 8 to 11 people sat on one baccarat table, but now more than 500 users can see one table. (In the case of SABONG, a stadium with the concept of the Colosseum that can accommodate up to 10,000 people has been introduced.)
The VINUS Dealer Tool should be able to operate quickly wherever it is used in the world, and it is clear that it will be developed for users to use the game with the best quality, speed, and ease of use.




Currecny Code Service

We support all 200 Current Codes to enter the global market. And we don't stop here.
We support cryptocurrency transactions to keep pace with the latest trends through market research.
Using ETH-based technology, it was developed to separate clients that can designate one common currency so that they can play games separately.
It works so that you can configure a user's wallet consisting of thorough security.
Currently, VINUS GAMING has created its own currency and has implemented the system to operate the Airdrop system whenever active games are played.
In the future, currency made by VINUS GAMING aims to be traded through the market, which is currently used as staking coins.
It can be an upgraded version.

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